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Working as a Paralegal: The Pros and Cons

Unless you’re one of the increasingly lucky number to have a training contract lined up for immediately after completion of your LPC, then becoming a paralegal is generally considered to be the sensib...

How to Be Successful in Your Graduate Job Hunt

Although in the law, competition between candidates can be fierce, don’t despair! There are a number ways you can make your job hunt a success and increase your chances of landing that first graduate ...

Webinar: Networking online

LinkedIn is not just a platform to broadcast your personal brand, it is a place for meaningful networking.

Webinar: Cover notes vs. cover letters

What’s the difference between a covering note and a covering letter? Which is more effective? And should I always send one with my CV?

Webinar: How LegalJobCoach.com will help you

In our first live webinar, LegalJobCoach Duane gives an insight into his background, skills and experience and explains how our catalogue of webinars and resources can benefit your legal career.

Webinar: LinkedIn Profile Basics

LinkedIn is the go-to professional social media platform. Using it well can make a massive difference to your legal career, but it is important to master the basics.

Webinar: Priorities

It is essential to have a strategy when setting out on the hunt for a new legal job, and that strategy has to be rooted in your priorities.

Webinar: Job Boards Uncovered

Job boards are increasingly common way that law firms recruit junior legal talent, whether directly or via an external recruiter. But how do they actually work? And how can you give yourself the best ...

Webinar: Going Direct

If you couple hard work and with a well thought out strategy, you can secure the job of your dreams without a recruiter.

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