Webinar: How to Handle Counters Offers

Counter-offers are increasingly common within the legal profession and they’re a potential mine field. In this session, you’ll learn how to carefully navigate them.

Webinar: Resigning

Before you can truly get energised about your move, there’s the small, but essential task of handing in your notice.

Webinar: Job search priorities

It is essential to have a strategy when setting out on the hunt for a new legal job, and that strategy has to be rooted in your priorities. In this session we’ll explain: The importance of ironi...

Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Working With a Recruiter

There’s working with a recruiter and then there’s working with a recruiter – this session will set out how you get the most out of your relationship with a recruitment consultant.

Webinar: Registering with Realm

If you think that working with a recruiter is the way you would like to go with your job search, this session is a must – it will set out the best way to go about registering with Realm.

Webinar: Knowing Which Firms to Target

Using the knowledge shared in From High Street to International, this session will help you to work out which firms you should actually target as part of our job search.

From High Street to International

An introduction to the day-to-day differences that exist between law firms of different shapes and sizes.

Webinar: Going Direct

If you couple hard work and with a well thought out strategy, you can secure the job of your dreams without a recruiter.

Webinar: Job Boards Uncovered

Job boards are increasingly common way that law firms recruit junior legal talent, whether directly or via an external recruiter. But how do they actually work? And how can you give yourself the best ...

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