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My LegalJobCoach.com Hub


This is your hub at the LegalJobCoach.com community. From here you will be able to see the latest upcoming events, read our latest articles and career advice and reach out and connect with other members of the community.

The Stages

Stage 1

  • CVs: The Basics
  • Priorities
  • Job boards uncovered
  • Covering Note Vs Covering Letter
  • Intro to Personal Branding
  • LinkedIn Profile Basics
  • Networking Online: LinkedIn
  • Working With A Recruiter: An Introduction
  • How To Have Better Conversations
  • Going Direct

Stage 2

  • From High Street to International
  • Knowing Which Firms to Target 
  • Registering with Realm 
  • Getting the Most Out of Working with a Recruiter
  • Interview Preparation Pt. 1
  • Interview Preparation Pt. 2
  • Resigning
  • How to Handle Counters Offers

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